This is why millennials leave Milwaukee – and it’s not the weather: Briggs & Stratton CEO

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Published February 25, 2016
From the Milwaukee Business Journal

Forget about the weather, Todd Teske says. The CEO of Wauwatosa manufacturer Briggs & Stratton Corp. said he’s tired of hearing millennials cite the cold weather as the reason they leave Milwaukee after high school or college.

“When you ask them where they’re moving, they say: Minneapolis and Chicago,” Teske said. “So it actually came down to not seeing the opportunities and vibrancy (in Milwaukee).”

Teske is the co-chair of MiKE, Innovation in Milwaukee, an initiative of the Greater Milwaukee Committee working to develop an innovative workforce in Milwaukee. He has been an early leader in the Commons program, which matches college students from local universities with problem-solving opportunities at local companies.Recruiting and retaining young, innovative talent is one of the challenges Briggs & Stratton (NYSE: BGG) is tackling as it works to turn around the company after a 10-year decline. Read more about the manufacturer’s strategy for diversification in Friday’s cover story in our weekly edition.

“I think MiKE is good for the community, and selfishly it’s really good for Briggs,” he said. “We’ve done (the Commons) twice, and both times I’ve been encouraged by the talent and creativity of these people, and it helps our people look at the problems we have.”

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