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The Talent Dividend is a GMC sponsored initiative built upon regional collaborations between businesses, institutions of higher education, K-12 school systems, service providers, community organizations, economic and workforce development agencies and community leaders to grow the regional talent pool to match the human capital needs of existing and emerging businesses. The initiative embraces four fundamental strategies designed to increase the attainment of 2 and 4-year degrees as well as the desirable technical and vocational certifications required to grow the regional economy. The four strategies are:

  • College Preparation and Employment Readiness – Tactics and strategies target the middle and high school student populations to develop college going behaviors, to facilitate career exploration and personal pathways to prosperity, and to enable skill set development to ensure that all high school graduates are either college or career ready.
  • Returning Adults – Tactics and strategies target the adult “some college, no degree” population to enable a pathway for returning to post-secondary education, thereby increasing personal earnings and supplying the necessary talent to grow the regional economy.
  • Credit Transfer – Tactics and strategies target the 2-year degree post-secondary population to incentivize the use of current and to-be-developed articulation agreements and advanced credit options to efficiently and effectively obtain a 4-year degree.
  • College Completion and Success – Tactics and strategies target the post-secondary student populations to enable the successful completion of a desired degree, certification program or job-related training.

The initiative will also serve as the region’s collaborative talent development strategy and vehicle for increasing skills and “pipeline” talent through expanded internship and mentoring programs, dual enrollment and cooperative education programs, job shadowing and career exploration programs, and targeted talent development initiatives (e.g. MiKE). Eventually, the initiative will expand to include a common portal for students, parents, educators, service providers and businesses to “connect” in the talent development processes and employment opportunities.

Download the Milwaukee Talent Dividend Zone Council Event PowerPoint

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