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Make it Your Milwaukee County
Sheldon B. Lubar
Committee Co-chair, Make It Your Milwaukee
Chairman, Lubar & Co.

Edward J. Zore
Committee Co-chair, Make It Your Milwaukee
Retired Chairman, Northwestern Mutual

Following years of monitoring the deteriorating fiscal and structural condition of Milwaukee County, the GMC launched the MY (Make it Your) Milwaukee County initiative in February 2011.

Though there are many sources of challenges, the most noteworthy is the growing cost of healthcare and pension benefits, so MY Milwaukee County launched the smart fiscal health initiative. It provides local governments with the resources they need to balance their budgets, protect taxpayers and improve fiscal health.

MY Milwaukee County also focuses on smart service delivery. Throughout its history, Milwaukee County has assumed a growing number of discretionary services that it provides, despite the fact that – unique in Wisconsin – the entire county is comprised of incorporated towns, villages and cities. Many of these discretionary services can be contrasted with the mandatory services that state law outlines. Whether mandatory or discretionary, many of these services can be performed more efficiently, by reforming county operations or partnering with neighboring governments.

Finally, there is the focus on coalition building and raising awareness. We have assembled a broad coalition of community members to develop the recommendations and support their implementation. This has included regional and minority chambers of commerce, myriad social service delivery organizations, and religious leaders from the city of Milwaukee.

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