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Bradley Tech & Trade High school

Dr. Vicki Martin
Bradley Tech Commission Chair
President, MATC

Bradley Tech is the only public school governed by a commission, created with a Memorandum of Understanding, and is located in the City of Milwaukee. The commission includes representatives from business, education and government, the Greater Milwaukee Committee got behind Bradley Tech in the late 90’s, when the graduation rate of the school was 55% and only six students, on average, placed into MATC each year. Thanks to the efforts of the business community and those within the school, placement into MATC increased more than tenfold and in 2010, and the graduation rate was 83%.

Bradley Tech is one of the few schools in the Midwest offering all five facets of Project Lead the Way, a program that promotes student pursuit of engineering degrees. The Greater Milwaukee Committee continues its involvement in this institution because of its ability to impact the future of the Milwaukee region, both as a successful example of community involvement in a public high school and the improved education of 1,200 students each year.

The newly-relaunched plan for Bradley Tech dovetails with our efforts on Reimagining High Schools and will serve as a lab to incubate and pilot our larger high school strategies. With a refreshed dashboard, clear targets and a dedicated commission, Bradley Tech is poised to implement strategies quickly.

The Commission, M3 leadership (MPS, MATC and UWM) and Bradley Tech’s administration and educators have focused on four key strategies to build energy around technology and trade education and improve outcomes at Bradley Tech. We are encouraged with the progress to date, which includes efforts to:

  1. Provide high-quality math, literacy and career technical programs, curriculum and applied experiences to graduate productive, lifelong learners who are college, career and job ready.
  2. Increase enrollment demand and retention through intentional and systematic recruitment and engagement strategies.
  3. Establish a model that will engage partners to ensure student success and build a strong community.
  4. Develop faculty and staff with the skills, knowledge, expertise and resources to facilitate the success of Bradley Tech students.

Questions? Call our main office at (414) 272-0588.

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