The GMC supports innovative ideas and services that improve the way we do business and live our lives in southeastern Wisconsin. The GMC develops programs, convenes partners, and shares knowledge on emerging issues in three primary areas, listed below.

Visual representation of the GMC’s operating structure






Innovation and Talent

Innovation and educational success are keys to our economic prosperity. We use the most innovative talent development strategies by reinventing today’s high schools real-time with our public school partners, linking high school students to regional career options and creating an entrepreneurial learning environment with college students, corporate partners and startups.

Initiatives include:

Economic Prosperity

We create a broad, powerful platform for companies to grow in Milwaukee, helping entrepreneurs of small companies realize large-scale growth and elevating opportunities for all.

Initiatives include:

Vibrancy of Place

We believe in the power of places. We use new methods and tools for designing and programming public spaces to increase civic engagement, connect across economic divides and accelerate both the city’s and neighborhoods’ success. We support our civic innovators who are testing new ideas to make our city more successful.

Initiatives include:


The GMC approaches community development with a commitment to leadership – across institutions, age groups, genders and races. The GMC believes southeastern Wisconsin’s diverse assets provide tremendous potential to affect positive change for our region. With that in mind, the GMC will lead, partner and support in
itiatives that foster collaborative action.

Our partnerships and successes include: