GMC welcomes Scott Jansen as Talent Dividend Director

Posted on Sep 20, 2011

The GMC is pleased to welcome former AT&T Wisconsin Regional VP-External Affairs Scott Jansen to the post of Talent Dividend Director, effective May 1. Mr. Jansen brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and exhuberance to the Talent Dividend initiative, which seeks to increase educational attainment in the region through better college access, easier credit transfers between schools, and systems that help returning adults and current students complete their degrees on time. Studies from CEOs for Cities show that even a one percentage point increase in four-year college degrees in the region would return an additional $1.5 billion in combined regional income.

Mr. Jansen will oversee the program and work with the GMC’s Education Committee members and staff, as well as leaders of school systems, colleges and universities across the region to further implement specific Talent Dividend initiatives.