Danish Advisor Explores Scale Up Milwaukee’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Published March 19, 2016

One deterrent to would-be new businesses is the fear of not being prepared in the beginning stages before the company has even made a name for itself.  Scale Up Milwaukee is one local organization working to aid entrepreneurs and innovators at the early stages of their business plan. Its “Scalerator” program is a six-month, seven-session training program that aims to teach business owners how to inject growth into their ventures. The program focuses on three primary areas: sales and marketing, organizational development and entrepreneurial finance.

The organization has been successful enough to attract attention from across the Atlantic.

The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth dispatched their chief advisor, Søren Boutrup, to Milwaukee for a month to participate in Scalerator. Boutrup had asked his employer for a learning opportunity in lieu of a bonus for his work for the Ministry. His employer subscribes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem idea advocated in Scalerator.

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