Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE)

Meet MiKE Launch event (October 2011)

Thursday, October 6th, 2011, was a blast! We officially introduced MiKE to the masses. MiKE Council members attended the inaugural MiKE Council meeting. It was held in OPEN MiKE, a lab for collaborating and prototyping. Co-chairs Telvin Jeffries and Todd Teske elaborated on what MiKE is and explained the roles and responsibilities of council members.

Inaugural MiKE Leadership Council meeting @ OPEN MiKE

Inaugural MiKE Leadership Council meeting @ OPEN MiKE

The first MiKE meet-up was held right after the MiKE Council meeting. It took place in VETransfer in the Grand Avenue Mall. More than 100 designers, engineers, developers, higher education leaders and business leaders attended. Jill Morin led three exercises aimed at big picture questions such as “What would MiKE need to do to be featured on the cover of the New York Times?” And “Why would MiKE win the Nobel Prize for innovation?” Participants were quick to share how confident they were that Milwaukee can become a global destination for innovation.

Inaugural Meet MiKE Council meeting at VETransfer

Meet MiKE Council meeting @ VETransfer

MiKE is open to new collaborations. Contact the GMC if you are interested in hosting an internship opportunity. Or perhaps you have a concept that needs to be designed and developed. We would love to put our top talent to work creating your product.

For more information about MiKE visit:

As part of the MiKE initiative, we must submit a monthly blog. You can read the entries here.

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