After Navigating 4 Stadiums in 12 Years, Former Minneapolis Mayor Has Advice for Milwaukee

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

Published February 10, 2015
From WUWM’s “Lake Effect”

From – literally – the second he was elected mayor of Minneapolis to the time he left office twelve years later, R.T. Rybak was constantly in the middle of debates about new sports facilities.

Under his watch, a new baseball stadium went up for the Twins, a new football stadium was constructed for the University of Minnesota, an aging basketball arena was renovated and plans put in place for a new NFL stadium.  And while each was marked by controversy, Rybak maintained a strong measure of popularity throughout.

So as he watches a similar debate unfold about a Milwaukee basketball arena, it’s not surprising Rybak has some thoughts about the process.  Lake Effect‘s Mitch Teich caught up with him as he was preparing to talk to the annual meeting of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

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