The Greater Milwaukee Committee – About Us

The Greater Milwaukee Committee is a private sector civic organization whose mission is to contribute to the cultural and economic base of the Milwaukee Metropolitan area.

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The GMC Talent Dividend

The Talent Dividend is a GMC-sponsored initiative built upon regional collaborations between businesses, institutions of higher education, K-12 school systems, service providers, community organizations, economic and workforce development agencies and community leaders to grow the regional talent pool to match the human capital needs of existing and emerging businesses.

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MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee)

The Greater Milwaukee Committee aligns our region’s assets in advanced manufacturing and our global innovation companies through MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee), a design, technology and innovation cluster that serves as a catalytic source for rapid innovation and talent to compete on the world stage.

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GMC launches teachtown initiative

After being approached by MPS Superintendent Dr. Greg Thornton, the GMC and its education committee launched the "teachtown" initiative to help MPS address the impending loss of human capital. Teachtown will help MPS widen their talent pool, and create some important supports for them so that new teachers are able to access our community and make meaningful connections to their students and to Milwaukee.

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‘Creational Trails

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Welcome To the Greater Milwaukee Committee

The Greater Milwaukee Committee’s mission is to make Greater
Milwaukee the best place to live, learn, work and play.

Our membership – comprised of our region’s business, labor, academic, philanthropic, nonprofit and civic leadership – believes that intelligent, active interest in public affairs is the true measure of citizenship, and the foundation for community.

State business survival strong

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Published July 11, 2015

While Wisconsin has taken its lumps of late for being among the nation’s lowest-ranked states for company startups, the picture looks a lot better when company “survivorship” is measured.

Wisconsin ranked 7th among the 50 states for companies with a six-year survival rate and also among the top 10 for the business 10-year survival rate, according to 2013 figures from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. noted in its latest report on the state’s Qualified New Business Venture program, which is marking 10 successful years, it often comes down to ensuring that young companies have the tools they need to succeed.

“Plain and simple, a company started in Wisconsin has a better chance of beating the obstacles that affect young companies,” the WEDC report noted, for reasons that range from the general cost of doing business to advice on the front end from strong advisors to upstream connections to customers and investors.

One emerging resource is Scale Up Milwaukee, an organization focused on working with companies that are beyond the startup stage and poised to grow.

A project of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Scale Up Milwaukee is based on a model developed by Daniel Isenberg, founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project. An investor and entrepreneur as well as an academic, Isenberg has worked with entrepreneurship systems in Colombia, Brazil and Denmark. Milwaukee is the first U.S. community to develop an entrepreneurship program based on his model.

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A Letter from the President: June 2015

The last months have been exciting for our creative placemaking initiative and projects. As you may recall, we launched the Creative Placemaking Committee last fall, chaired by Ellen Gilligan and Barry Mandel. The second full committee meeting took place yesterday, but subcommittees have been meeting regularly all year.

In the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods, the GMC is working with Riverworks Center, the City of Milwaukee and MKE<->LAX on the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development creative placemaking project. We are investing in this corridor as an opportunity for the sharing of access and resources between the neighborhoods and a spine for redevelopment. As a vibrant public space, the trail serves as the symbol and the source of our focus on access and equity. The bike trial in the Riverworks area is far from just a bike trail; it has become an important component of neighborhood economic revitalization.

This project exemplifies the importance of cross-sector, public/private partnerships. Through a strategic actioning process earlier this year, a wide range of participants from across sectors and interest worked to create an interactive infrastructure as well as an integrated process for communication, planning and workflow. In the subsequent months, we held a follow-up session and hired two project coordinators, and Riverworks hired two new staff members to focus on the project. Keep an eye out for a news conference and more updates coming soon.

The second area we focus on is West Wisconsin Avenue, where WAM DC has formed a Creative Placemaking Subcommittee in order to support efforts along The Avenue. This subcommittee is a collaboration with the City of Milwaukee, the GMC, Westown Association, NEWaukee, Creative Alliance Milwaukee (CAM), MKE<->LAX and other neighborhood stakeholders.

The subcommittee’s work aligns with the City of Milwaukee’s Growing Prosperity Plan including using creative placemaking to establish places within Milwaukee in which all segments of the community and region can interact. Further alignment with the City’s plan includes revitalizing The Avenue with a focus on cultivating artists as entrepreneurs, supporting innovative businesses, enhancing quality of life and opportunity, and improving neighborhood market conditions.

The WAM DC Creative Placemaking Subcommittee builds from work initiated in 2014 through Creational Trails: The Avenue including the NEWaukee Night Market, which was supported by ArtPlace America, and CAM’s 4MKE Initiative, which was commissioned by WAM DC. These 2014 summer initiatives influenced community perspective on safety, density and vibrancy on The Avenue, particularly at night, through the integration of art and creative entrepreneurship. The Avenue explores walkability and interaction with a broad range of cultures enjoying downtown’s main street through animating a vacant lot and historic streetscape.

The WAM DC Creative Placemaking Subcommittee also announces a second summer of collaborative programming with Westown Wednesdays, which this year includes the Westown Association Farmers’ Market, River Rhythms, the NEWaukee Night Market and CAM’s 4MKE Initiative. This collaboration is made possible with the support of the City of Milwaukee, WAM DC, the GMC, CAM, NEWaukee, the Westown Association and MKE<->LAX, with funding support from local businesses and the Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community grant, which also includes in-kind technical support from the Project for Public Spaces.

As you can see, there isn’t a dull moment in our creative placemaking projects. We look forward to supporting a more vibrant and connected city in the years to come.



Julia Taylor
Greater Milwaukee Committee

The Commons moves to Ward4

Published June 19, 2015
From BizTimes

Entrepreneurial skills accelerator The Commons has moved from Walker’s Point to the Ward4 co-working space in the Historic Pritzlaff Building near Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

The Commons was previously located in a 4,000-square-foot space at 170 S. First St., in the space above Colectivo. It will have less dedicated space at Ward4—three 10-foot by 12-foot offices—but will have access to a collaborative environment and shared conference, project and event spaces at a more affordable price, said Matt Cordio, co-founder and program director.

The Commons is a nonprofit venture founded last year by the Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE) initiative and Startup Milwaukee, with foundational support from a host of academic institutions and businesses across southeastern Wisconsin. In April, it completed the pilot program of its 10-week mentor-driven, seed accelerator, through which entrepreneurial-minded college students can grow early-stage companies and connect with area corporations seeking talent.

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Commons student, corporate accelerator joins Ward 4

Published June 17, 2015
From The Milwaukee Business Journal

The Commons student startup program is taking space at Ward 4, adding a second accelerator to the mix at the new co-working space and startup hub backed by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Commons, which runs 10-week accelerator programs around academic and corporate innovation challenges, is led by Michael Hostad, head of the Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Innovation in Milwaukee initiative, and Matt Cordio, co-founder of Startup Milwaukee and co-working space 96square.

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Rockwell Helping Manufacturers (Slowly) Join the Internet of Things

Published June 9, 2015
From Xconomy

Just as connected devices are slowly but surely making their way into our homes, the Internet of Things is also starting to impact the manufacturing industry.

The going is slow: Less than 14 percent of U.S. manufacturers have linked up their factory machines with their enterprise software, says Keith Nosbusch, CEO of Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK). But the manufacturing sector—from automakers to consumer packaged goods businesses to mining companies—might be close to realizing the vision of what Nosbusch calls the “connected enterprise.”

“We believe industrial operations will change more dramatically in the next 10 years than they have in the past 50,” Nosbusch said Monday, speaking to business leaders at a Greater Milwaukee Committee luncheon. His multibillion-dollar company makes sensors, controls, and other physical products to help manufacturers automate operations, as well as software to help run equipment, troubleshoot problems, and collect and analyze data.

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